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Building EPR, distributor side

Persons or companies supplying construction materials must offer to take back waste from these materials and inform their customers of the available collection solutions.

Obligation to take back

  • Retail outlets with a PMCB sales area of more than 4,000 m²must offer a free 1:0 take-back of sorted customer waste.
  • Possibility of limiting waste to products on the sales plan.
  • Collection of waste from professionals and/or individuals
  • Collection of PMCB streams separately or in joint collection at no cost to the holder
  • Possibility of being part of the network of eco-organizations if the 6 flows of the 7-flow decree are included

Which distributors are affected by the take-back obligation?

Are concerned by the obligations of resumption of the waste resulting from the PMCB, the distributors of products and building materials whose surface of sale is higher than 4000 m² including the surfaces of contiguous stockings or in immediate proximity intended for the supply of these products and materials to the customers.

All distributors of these products whose sales area is less than that indicated in the Decree of December 31, 2021 can also voluntarily enter this process. By joining Valobat, they will be able to benefit from the support of the eco-organization for the recovery of their internal PMCB waste, collected on their site.

What are the legal obligations of distributors?


distributors must facilitate the collection of waste from the products they sell, by providing suitable and specific containers.

Free return of all sorted and separated waste

The sales outlets concerned are obliged to collect the sorted and separated waste, according to the logic of the 7 flows (metal, plastic, glass, wood, mineral fraction, gypsum and paper), and this at no cost to the people or companies who come to bring back these products.

The "1 for 0" recovery

EPR requires distributors to implement 1-for-0 collection, meaning that any waste dropped off will be taken back free of charge with no obligation to purchase a new product or material.

How can we turn this obligation into a beneficial issue?


Valobat's role with distributors

Valobat intervenes once the distributors have fulfilled their obligations of separate collection and takes charge, from the collection point at the distributors, of the regrouping of all the collected products, their treatment and the financing. 

Valobat's ambition is to reinforce the territorial network of collection points, to help with the free collection of separately collected waste streams and to contribute to the reduction of illegal dumping. To achieve this, it will provide distributors with containers adapted to each waste stream to facilitate the collection and consequently the treatment of this waste, but will also take care of the waste at the collection points and its removal.