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Are you a manufacturer of construction and building products and materials?

Valobat is at your side

You market construction products and materials in the building sector: from 2022, your company is obliged to join an eco-organization to finance the management of the end-of-life of your products. By joining an eco-organization approved by the public authorities, you transfer your obligation to it and pay it a financial contribution in return: this is the eco-contribution. The role of the eco-organization is to set up the whole chain of collection, sorting, recycling and recovery of waste.
Valobat offers you a complete service.


My obligations

From 2022, producers of Construction Products and Materials (CPM) in the building sector will be required to manage the end-of-life of their waste under the EPR system. How to meet this obligation? Who are the producers and which products are concerned?


Valobat at my service

  • Compliance and administrative support
  • Consulting and support for innovation
  • Communication and environmental commitment
  • Collection of used PMCB

Valobat's commitments

  • Working for all building actors and materials
  • Simplify processes and streamline the building value chain
  • Increase the economic and environmental added value of the building industry

Joining: the benefits

  • Cost-effective compliance
  • Guarantee of an expert partner in recycling / building
  • Facilitation of administrative procedures
  • Creating collective value for the building
  • Synergies and collective dynamics between building actors
  • Mutualization of downstream channels between actors of the sector

La gestion des déchets du bâtiment suivant la REP PMCB

Valobat soutient financièrement les fabricants disposant d’un dispositif de reprise directe des déchets issus de leurs produits ou de produits similaires, pour les introduire dans un processus de fabrication.


Benefits of joining Valobat