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Valobat Families
Materials and construction
Concrete or products contributing to its preparation
Mortars and coatings
Building structure
Façade, roofing and waterproofing
Covering elements
Façade elements and tertiary glazing
Large roofing elements
Sandwich Panels
Roofing and waterproofing products and accessories
Cladding products
Wood, carpentry and panels
Products or structural elements
Floor or floor elements
Partitioning and ceiling accessories
Mobile / removable partitions
Plates and Panels
Other insulation products
Overlapping caissons
Lining complexes
Bulk Insulation
Insulation boards and rolls
Interior staircases
Railings, handrails, balcony dividers
Skylights and roof access
Automatic pedestrian doors
Exterior, landing and service doors
Industrial and/or garage doors
Interior distribution and/or sliding doors
Solar protections
Smoke extraction hatches, frames and ventilation openings
Residential Verandas and Skylights
Shutters and closures
Vaults and canopies
Floor, wall and ceiling coverings
Siding (interior and exterior)
Baseboards, profiles, nosings and thresholds
Stretched ceilings
Ceiling tiles
Islands, baffles, wall absorbers
Coating accessories and equipment
Heating equipment
Lifting equipment
Outdoor equipment and sanitation
Medium voltage equipment
Sanitary equipment, shower room and bench
Electrical and communication infrastructure
Connection accessories
Cable routing systems
Glues, paints, varnishes, resins, preparation and implementation products
Glues (floors, walls and tiles)
Paints, coatings, stains and varnishes
Powdered plasters
Resins and foams
Networks (supply, drainage, sewage, heating, etc.)
Other products, materials and accessories
Pipes, tubes, hoses and fittings
Tanks and reservoirs
Gutters, downspouts and accessories
Drainage systems
Outdoor facilities
Shelters, garages and carports
Other outdoor products and accessories
Fences and gates
Asphalt mixes
Synthetic turf and related products
Aggregates, gravel, mineral substrates
Fixed furniture
Pools and accessories
Miscellaneous products
Mostly made of wood
Mostly made of mineral wools
Mostly made of mineral materials
Mostly made of metal
Mostly plastic
Mostly made of plaster
Without majority material
Mostly made of glass
Regulatory categories
Concrete and mortar or contributing to their preparation (1.a)
Lime (1.b)
Limestone, granite, sandstone and lava types (1.c)
Baked or unbaked clay (1.d)
Slate (1.e)
Bituminous mixtures excluding bituminous membranes (1.f)
Aggregate, excluding 1.a and 1.f (1.g)
Ceramics (1.h)
Other minerals (1.i)
Products excluding inert mineral products
Building products made mainly of metal (2.a)
Building products made up mainly of wood (2.b)
Mortars, coatings, paints, varnishes, resins, including their containers, excluding DDS (2.c)
Joinery, glazed walls and related PMCB (2.d)
Gypsum-based building products except 2.c (2.e)
Building products made mainly of plastic (2.f)
Bituminous membranes (2.g)
Building products based on glass wool (2.h)
Rock wool building products (2.i)
Building products of plant, animal or other materials (2.j)
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