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Frequently asked questions

Valobat brings you the answers to the most frequent questions you have about the eco-organization, whatever your status and your role in the building sector.


General questions:

Everything you need to know about Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for building products and materials.

Find the answers to the questions you have about our services.

What is the organization of Valobat? What is the decision-making process? We tell you everything.

Would you like to know everything about how Valobat works? This section is for you!


Questions by profile:

Members & Marketers

All the answers to the questions you have about your compliance, the services provided by your eco-organization, your personal space and the declaration / invoicing / payment deadlines...


Are you subject to EPR in the building industry and/or to the distributor take-back obligation? Valobat helps you to see more clearly by answering the main questions you may have.


You are a private individual and wish to know how and where to deposit your waste so that it can be recycled? We tell you everything!

Project owner

You are a project owner and wish to know more about Valobat's support methods to introduce more circularity on your construction, renovation or demolition/deconstruction site? This is where it happens!

Project management

How does Valobat accompany you to introduce more circularity on your building sites? Valobat answers to the questions you ask yourself as a project manager.

Introducer and importer

What are the specificities of EPR in the building industry for the first introducers and importers of building products and materials on the French territory? Click here to find out.

Building company

Building companies, discover how Valobat accompanies you in the valorization of the waste of your building sites.


How can Valobat help you to benefit from our support and accelerate circularity in your territories? This section of our frequently asked questions is dedicated to you.

SSE / Actor of reuse

You are an actor of the social and solidarity economy (or SSE) and / or reuse? Discover how Valobat proposes you to create synergies to develop circularity in the building sector.

Waste Manager

You are a waste management actor, a Valobat partner or you wish to become one within the framework of the implementation of the EPR in the building industry? We will answer your questions.


Are you a Valobat partner or do you wish to become one? All the answers to your questions are concentrated in this section!

Individual project owner

How can you be sure that the service providers you have chosen to carry out work in your home are in compliance? Valobat explains.

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