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The services of the eco-organization Valobat

(CE declaration, eco-contribution, eco-design)

Discover the services of our eco-organization Valobat, your partner in the declaration of conformity of your products, the payment of eco-taxes and the development of your eco-design


What services does Valobat offer its members?

By joining the multi-material eco-organization Valobat, producers of Building Products and Materials (BPM) transfer to it their EPR obligations, namely the end-of-life management of the building products they have put on the market.

For its part, Valobat is committed to "proposing a solution for each building waste and for each stakeholder of the sector's ecosystem": in concrete terms, Valobat will support its members not only on the administrative side (setting up European product compliance, declarations of compliance) but also with a complete range of services adapted to their problems of managing the global life cycle of their products


Accompany you in determining producer status: Are you concerned by the EPR in the building industry?
  1. To help you determine whether your company is a "producer" in the sense of EPR and is liable for eco-contribution
  2. To accompany you and answer all your questions (telephone hotline from December 2021) on the products and materials falling within the scope of EPR and your corresponding obligations.

Valobat advises and guides you on :

Your European compliance


The distributor recovery