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You wish to join Valobat, eco-organization approved by the public authorities? You will find all the information you need to join below.

Membership: why and how to join the Valobat eco-organization?

By joining Valobat, you will benefit from a global, expert and dedicated support, in a federative approach of a whole profession around common objectives. Joining Valobat is also the guarantee of transferring your obligations within the framework of the EPR in the building industry: you will be taken in charge and guided in all your declarations related to the EPR, in the simplest and most fluid way possible for you. Finally, beyond the administrative aspect, it means joining a group of players committed to ever greater circularity in the building industry.


Valobat's commitments

The partners of Valobat are exclusively exclusively from the building world and represent all sectors: they are thus able to take into account They are thus able to take into account the specificities of each product/material and to use their knowledge and expertise for all the actors of the building industry.

In addition, they are involved in initiatives and wish to take the profession towards an ever more circular economy.

Valobat will propose simple solutions to all PMCB EPR participants: 

  • a single point of contact for all waste holders - professional and domestic - and for all collection points (public waste collection centres, sales points, private waste collection centres, waste managers, craftsmen, construction companies or installers), for all building materials;
  • a full membership service whatever your profile as a contributor, producers, distributors or introducers/importers, on their entire range of products and materials for the construction and building industry;
  • of simplified provisions and adapted for VSEs, which constitute the base of the construction sector, to meet their needs in the field (accessibility of deposit sites, sorting instructions, simplification of declaration and eco-contribution procedures, etc.)
  • Transversal and efficient support for all building stakeholders (MoE, MoA, etc.), with the ability to manage all site issues and to understand the entire life cycle of PMCB.

Valobat will help you transform your legal obligation into business opportunityby promoting your environmental commitment to all your stakeholders a a real differentiating factorA real differentiation factor, both with your employees (employer brand committed to a real strategy of social responsibility) and with your external audiences (CSR communication). Communication kits and tools necessary to make Valobat become a vector of valorization of the commitment of each member will also be deployed.

The eco-organization approved by the public authorities also has a major R&D ambition, in particular to develop recycling loops It is committed to developing the preparation, reuse and recycling of building waste, promoting its separate collection on building sites, supporting innovation and eco-design, and cultivating an open and agile innovation approach, with a view to continuous improvement and the reintegration of secondary raw materials from recycling into the building economy loop.


The advantages of the Valobat eco-organization


  • Approval for all categories: a single contract for complete compliance of all your products and materials,
  • Governance with 9 sector committees: 1 eco-organization but 9 Sector Committees committed to the circular economy of building products and materials to apply EPR to the specificities of each sector,
  • A multi-material approach: the capacity to influence the project owners and public authorities and to take into account the global stakes related to the recycling of PMCB,
  • A representative shareholding (manufacturers, distributors, federations): taking into account the specificities of each profile and a collective approach of the building industry.


  • A presence in all collection channels: technical and economic synergies and complementarities, for the optimization of each party's costs, 
  • Partners already committed to the circular economy: concrete experience of outlets and recycling channels, 
  • An eco-organization that aims to reach a critical size: economies of scale on structural and transversal costs, 
  • A multi-material approach: support to the project owner for the development of separate collection and optimization of waste flows.

Valobat: services that make a difference

Joining the Valobat eco-organization is the possibility to benefit from its services, its support and its expertise:


Valobat helps you to bring your activity into compliance with the regulations.


Valobat meets your specific needs in terms of innovation, eco-design, R&D, etc.


Valobat provides you with information and awareness tools for your internal and external communication.


Valobat takes back your products at the end of their life free of charge.

Joining the Valobat eco-organization means choosing :

The multi-material solution
Administrative simplicity
one contract for all your obligations
Full compliance at the best cost
Expertise, outlets and recycling channels in the building industry
An open and representative governance of all building materials
High value-added services
Support throughout the life cycle of your products
A partner who is close to your needs, over the long term

How to join the Valobat eco-organization?

The Valobat membership process is quick and entirely paperless. It has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to implement your circularity approach. In just a few clicks, join thousands of actors who, like you, wish to contribute to accelerate the circular economy in the building industry. Many marketers have already joined us! Why not join us?