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Do you represent a professional waste disposal center?

Valobat is at your side

Adapted to the needs of companies in terms of schedules and vehicle size, the contribution of professional waste collection centers to the EPR building collection system is decisive.

Valobat wishes to fully associate these infrastructures to the collection system of the eco-organization and to the territorial network allowing the recovery of PMCB.

The eco-organization's ambition is to support current facilities in their growth (more flows, more services) and to develop the future "2.0" professional waste collection center by working on the customer experience, data sharing and access to information in real time!

Valobat's offer to the professional waste collection centers


Principles of the standard contract

To support the free collection of PMCB waste from professional waste collection centres, Valobat offers a contract with the following streams:

  • Inerts, Metals and DDS in financial management.
  • Wood, Gypsum, Plastics, Glazed joinery, Glass wool, Rock wool, ... in operational management.
  • Inerts, Metals and DDS: the professional waste collection center keeps the management of these Flows by guaranteeing the traceability to Valobat against a financial support for the reception, the transport and the treatment (financial management).
  • Financial support for the reception of all flows to cover the costs of investment and operation (maintenance, salaries, etc.) of professional waste collection centers, and the training of agents. Valobat pays a support in €/t outgoing monthly.
  • Direct management by Valobat for the flows (Wood, Gypsum, Plastics, Glazed joineries,...) of the containers, of the collection and of the treatment via the operators selected in our Calls for tender with requirements of performance on the valorization of materials and the traceability (operational management).

The standard contract signed between the collection site and Valobat will specify:

  • Quality principles for separately collected flows.
  • The terms and conditions for the application of the funding scales.
  • The requirements in terms of monitoring and traceability of flows.

PMCB waste collection at no charge for commercial waste collection sites


The financial support provided by Valobat

Valobat's financial support scales include:

  • A support for the reception in €/t covering the amortization of the investments of the site, its maintenance and its exploitation. Support increased according to the filling rate of the containers.
  • One-time support for training of receptionists
  • A lump sum support for the reuse zone and the mesh point
  • Support for transport and treatment of inert materials, metals and DDS.

When will the support be paid out? 

The support per ton will be paid monthly on the basis of the tonnages collected and declared.

Valobat's support


Valobat offers to all its members :

  • Informational webinars,
  • Turnkey communication tools(signage, sorting instructions, etc.)
  • Training modules for reception staff at professional waste collection centers,
  • Personalized support for the configuration of each waste collection center (flow, operational/financial, type of container, etc.),
  • A mapping tool to track mesh points to inform local decisions,
  • Management and traceability tools(information system, waste deposit slip application, etc.),

The support scale for professional waste collection centres

Focus on the contractualization of your professional waste collection centers

From your personal space MyValobat Operator

1 - Declare the professional waste disposal sites

2 - Sign a contract

3 - Select flows and containers

Tools designed by and for you

Your personal space MyValobat Operator

A deposit slip application

A signage

Focus: recovery point, mesh point: what are the differences?

The territorial network is the result of a co-construction and a wide consultation:

  • Construction of the networking project within 10 months of approval,
  • Project is part of the coordinating agency's mission,
  • Consultation organized at the regional level in accordance with the regional plans for planning, sustainable development and territorial equality (SRADETT).