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Valobat's team and organization:

The experience of the building world, waste management and eco-organizations at the service of your challenges

In July 2021, Valobat announced its ambitions, shared by its 28 founding members: to get out of the "extract, manufacture, consume and throw away" scheme, to contribute to make eco-design and circular economy a reality in the building industry, and thus help to avoid situations of illegal dumping.

Depuis le déploiement de cette nouvelle filière REP, Valobat est aujourd’hui en ordre de marche. Après s’être dotée d’une équipe de consultants expérimentés pour structurer l’éco-organisme, ses processus et ses outils, pour être prêt, dans les délais fixés par le calendrier, dès la constitution de la société et pour prendre le relais, Valobat a procédé au recrutement de son comité de direction dont les membres disposent des expertises relatives au secteur du bâtiment, de la gestion des déchets et des éco-organismes et des fonctions support.  

Valobat's management committee :

Chairman and CEO - Hervé de Maistre

Hervé de Maistre took over the management of the Valobat project in May 2021 to gather the shareholders' round table and set up the company, then was appointed CEO at its creation. He had previously managed subsidiaries of the Saint-Gobain Group such as ISOVER and Placoplatre for 16 years, and chaired the AIMCC for 6 years. He joined this project in order to contribute to the improvement of the environmental footprint of the construction industry, and puts at its service his experience of the general management of industrial companies and his knowledge of the actors of the building sector.

Administrative and Financial Director - Caroline Colin-Six

With 20 years of experience in various groups (Crown Holdings, Arcelormittal, etc.), including eight years with Citeo, the eco-organization for household packaging and paper, she will be in charge of the company's financial and budgetary strategy, as well as its investment and development policy. She will also supervise all accounting, management, treasury, tax, general services and financial communication functions.  

Director of Human Resources and Internal Communication - Caroline Laroque

Her main missions include defining and implementing the company's HR strategy and policies to support Valobat's development and performance. She will draw on her seventeen years of experience in groups such as ISS, M6, or Servair, in an international context of transformation and professionalization of the HR function.

Director of Operations - Sébastien Flichy

Aiming to create the conditions necessary to achieve the objectives, he will manage the downstream strategy of the operations as well as the projects of collection, sorting and recovery systems. He will also participate in the transformation of the systems according to the technological evolutions and the strategic stakes of the sectors. These are skills that this expert has been able to test in various subsidiaries of Veolia and at Air Liquide.  

Director of Member Relations - Florence Collot

With more than ten years of experience in waste management (Praxy, Federec, Fnade, etc.), she will work in tandem with the Operations Director. Her function will contribute to defining and implementing the strategy of the relationship with the marketers, in accordance with the general policy of the company and its performance objectives.

Director of Public Affairs and Local Authority Relations - Jérôme d'Assigny

In charge of the management of the company's institutional relations, he will guarantee an efficient collaboration with local authorities and building owners, in order to make them aware of Valobat's stakes and to facilitate the recovery, sorting, recycling and valorization of materials. He has a solid experience in the sector, acquired in particular within ADEME and the eco-organizations Ecofolio or Eco-Emballages.

Director of Information Systems - Philippe Pung

His technical and managerial skills have enabled him to hold positions of great responsibility in various international groups such as Zurich Financial Services or SwissRe, but also in professional associations or organizations such as the MEDEF or the OPPBTP. He defines himself as a Business Partner and makes it his priority to help business departments achieve their objectives.

Marketing and Communication Department - Rami Jabbour

Thanks to his knowledge of the building sector and its actors, acquired during 15 years within the Saint-Gobain Group, he joins the Marketing and Communication department, whose main missions are to develop Valobat's notoriety among stakeholders, to structure a relevant service offer to create preference for future members, and above all to deploy effective awareness campaigns, especially for waste holders. 

Legal and Compliance Department - Ariane Coupet-Verliac

With a strong experience in risk management, acquired within regional development structures (Autoroutes du Sud de la France, SEMAPA), as well as within the EDF group, in particular in the field of waste-to-energy conversion, she will be involved in all aspects of public and private business law, corporate law, competition law and environmental law, in order to guarantee the legal security of Valobat's operations.  

The key points and principles that govern the construction of the organization of the eco-organization Valobat

  1. Privilégier une orientation « services » tant pour les producteurs-adhérents de Valobat (amont) que pour les détenteurs de déchets de PMCB, DEA et ABJ (aval).
  2. To be close to the players in the sector: both territorially (metropolitan France and overseas) and by sector in order to respond to their issues and problems
  3. Provide technical expertise in the core business of the eco-organization as well as in the support functions
  4. Contribute to the company's societal performance by placing the subjects of gender equality, inclusion and diversity at the heart of its project.
  5. The development of a corporate project shared by all employees around the values being defined (responsibility, attention to others, audacity, spirit of service, ambition of the project, doers, agility).