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Simplified reporting regime

To ease the administrative burden of the smallest marketers, Valobat offers them the following simplified declaration system:


The eco-contribution scale

Satisfying the provisions of article R541-119 of the Environment CodeValobat sets up fixed prices for producers putting small quantities of products on the market.

Valobat will periodically ensure that the amount of the fee covers the costs of managing PMCB's waste, in the interest of fairness among marketers.

These lump-sum eco-taxes are correlated to the sales of PMCB marketers and cover both categories of approval.

For all of them, a minimum collection fee of 50 euros applies to cover Valobat's internal and external costs.

The schedule of declaration in simplified system

The declaration and invoicing schedule is adapted according to the stakes of the marketer.
Valobat thus proposes a general regime and a simplified regime addressed to producers putting small quantities of products on the market.


The fixed prices proposed by Valobat have been designed to represent a maximum of 5% of the markets, according to Valobat's estimates and in accordance with the decree relating to the data of the extended responsibility of producers (EPR).

Valobat's members will be able to indicate the amount of their turnover for the previous year, rather than sending a detailed declaration of the products and materials placed on the market. However, members are still free to declare their marketings according to the general system.