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Vous êtes un distributeur de Produits et Matériaux de Construction du Bâtiment ?

Valobat is at your side

As a meeting point for construction professionals, the distribution sales sites play an important role in the recovery of waste from construction sites.


Specific take-back systems for distributors

Obligation to take back

  • Retail outlets with a PMCB sales area of more than 4,000 m²must offer a free 1:0 take-back of sorted customer waste.
  • Possibility of limiting waste to products on the sales plan.
  • Collection of waste from professionals and/or individuals
  • Collection of PMCB streams separately or in joint collection at no cost to the holder
  • Possibility of being part of the network of eco-organizations if the 6 flows of the 7-flow decree are included

Principles of the standard contract

For distributors, Valobat offers different configurations including two levels of sorting:

  • CASE 1 - Source separation of inert materials, metals, wood, plastics, plaster, glass joinery
  • CASE 2: joint collection** (combining metals, wood and plastics in the same container), and source separation of inerts, plaster and woodwork

* for specialist retailers, only the waste from the 6-stream PMCB sorting shown in the sales plan is mandatory for collection
** joint collection as part of the phased approach will be offered from 2024 onwards


  • Mineral wools, a CSR stream (including PVC flooring, bituminous membranes and EPS) and PMCB hazardous waste.

Valobat's offer is adapted to constrained surfaces of less than 100m2 as well as to sites with sufficient surfaces to mobilize up to 700m2.

Valobat offers containers of various capacities (from big bags to ground storage bins) to adapt to source separation and to take into account the problems of ground space.

The distributors concerned by the obligation of collection but whose infrastructures would not allow the installation of the waste activity under good conditions (in particular of safety), will have to be able to opt for a deported or mutualized solution near the store.

The distributor take-back points will have to fit into the chosen sorting configurations and justify :

  •  Compliance with regulations, particularly in terms of regulations related to classified facilities for environmental protection (ICPE).
  • A methodology to ensure the traceability of incoming flows, in compliance with the provisions introduced by Decree No. 2020-1817 of December 29, 2020 and the future decree on the information of the deposit slips of waste generated by construction, renovation, demolition of buildings and gardening works
  • Operating rules for the collection point (internal regulations) to be established by the distributor: collection of waste from professionals and/or individuals, opening hours that may be different from those of the sales point, limiting the size of vehicles, making appointments for large quantities, etc.

Information on the standard contract 

The trade-in point is entered into for an initial term commencing on the date of signature of the Contract and ending on December 31 of the year of signature.

At the end of December 31, the contract is renewed by tacit agreement for successive periods of one (1) year.

  • Set up the reception of the collection point with personnel trained in the sorting of PMCB waste.
  • Take all measures to ensure the safety of people and property.
  • Set up signage and communication to encourage sorting among targeted users.
  • Ensure compliance with the flow separation, packaging and traceability instructions prescribed by Valobat for the reception, storage and removal of full containers.
  • Deliver the waste to the only service providers designated by Valobat.
  • Have specialized service providers provide containers, removal and treatment of waste received at the distributor's premises, taking into account the constraints of the site and its main activity of selling PMCB products.
  • Provide the distributor with an Extranet that allows him to enter his collection requests and access his waste deposit slips. The distributor has access to an annual report on the same platform, including the recovery performance of his site.
  • To propose communication tools adapted to the mobilization of the users of the site by encouraging a gesture of quality sorting.
  • To guarantee the treatment and the recovery of the collected waste in accordance with the provisions of the specifications of the eco-organizations of the PMCB Sector, and in the respect of the various applicable regulations.

The standard contract for distributors


Valobat offer to distributors - Valobat contract

In order to support the free collection of waste at the collection points, Valobat proposes a contract in operational management according to 2 choices:

  • Option 1: All streams
  • Option 2: all streams except metals
  • Valobat takes care of 100% of all the flows of containers, collection and treatment via the operators selected in our calls for tender with performance requirements on the recovery of materials and traceability.
  • Financial support for reception to cover the costs of investment and operation (maintenance, salaries, etc.) of the collection points, the training of agents, and increases in this support for medium capacity sites.
  • Free choice for the Metals: the Distributor can keep the management of the Metals (Option 2) by guaranteeing the traceability

The distributor support scale

Focus on the compliance of recovery points

From your personal space MyValobat Operator

1 - Declare the recovery points

2 - Sign a contract

3 - Select flows and containers


The financial support provided by Valobat

Valobat's offer includes a collection of PMCB waste at no cost to the distributor through operational management.

This financial support includes:

  • A start-up package to train the staff in charge of receiving the waste from the holders.
  • A variable part depending on the number and nature of the flows. This variable part is fixed in €/t at the exit of the site, with a differentiated rate per material in order to encourage the collection of flows such as glass or rock wool for example. This variable part includes depreciation costs, development work, maintenance and operation (in particular the salaries of the reception staff).
  • Valobat takes care of 100% of the containers, transport and treatment.
  • Increases to take into account the ICPE classification of the collection point and the installation of loading equipment (e.g. loader for inert materials).
  • Surcharges for filling containers.
  • Financial support for areas dedicated to reuse.
  • Increases to take into account the ICPE classification of the collection point and the installation of loading equipment (e.g. loader for inert materials).

Payment frequency:

  • Flat rate: annual payment
  • Per ton: monthly payment based on tonnages collected and declared

Valobat's support to all distributors

  • Assistance in the diagnosis of point-of-sale parks (proximity of existing collection points, urban constraints (PLUi...) and logistics...) and in the development of deployment plans.
  • Assistance with design and implementation studies.
  • Assistance in recommending the ICPE procedures that may be necessary.
  • Informative webinars
  • Turnkey communication tools: signage, sorting instructions, etc.
  • Training modules for receptionists at the collection points
  • A variety of containers with different capacities to facilitate source separation: from big bags to ground storage bins
  • A mapping tool for monitoring mesh points to inform local decisions
  • Management and traceability tools: information system, waste deposit application...

The distributor support scale

Collection and processing of the mixed waste stream

In order to guarantee the quality of the flows sorted at the source and collected separately on site and to propose an outlet for the badly sorted or mixed waste, Valobat will organize temporarily in margin of its approval and for all the distributors who wish it, the collection and the treatment of the flow of waste in mixture.

This service will be billed to the distributor, who will pass on the cost to its customers, with the free take-back applying only to sorted PMCB streams.

Valobat will then allow professionals using the distribution points to deposit the inevitable residual fraction of small non-recyclable waste, even after a thorough sorting, in order to limit the risk of illegal deposits.

Organized in paying bags or via a measurement of the volumes deposited on site (hopper), this collection would make it possible to limit the quantities concerned to the "bottom of the van" (small soiled waste, fragmented and mixed materials, etc.) as well as to limit the size of the waste taken in charge and to have a simple invoicing system for the holder.


Calls for projects conducted by Valobat

Valobat will organize calls for projects for the creation of the first sites or exemplary sites, with investment grants based on optimized developments for each sorting scheme. These calls for projects will allow in particular:

  • Accelerate the deployment of take-back sites at the point of sale of PMCB materials,
  • Targeting the geographic areas that are lagging the most in terms of coverage objectives.

A maximum number of sites per retailer can be defined.

Finally, depending on the concerted decisions that will be taken on the regional network, Valobat will evaluate the place that could possibly be held in the network by shared recovery sites between several distributors, in order to avoid redundancies between sites that are sometimes a few hundred meters apart.