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Valobat, a plural and inclusive governance

Governance open to all marketers

Valobat is based on a governance model open to the diversity of the building industry's actors and their cumulative experience. The 42 founding partners are pioneers in the implementation of recycling channels They share the vision of taking action in the long term, while preserving the environment and natural resources.

It is therefore natural that they have organized themselves to create Valobat and respond, as a multi-material eco-organization, to the implementation of an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) channel for products and materials in the building sector.

If the structure was initially implemented by a limited group of building actors, Valobat believes in the strength of numbers and complementarity: the objective is to include all the companies and building actors concerned. Whatever their size, their experience in recycling or their level of commitment in terms of environment, all marketers, whether they are manufacturers, distributors or introducers/importers, can get involved and bring their stone to the building in order to make emerge a collective which is the image of the plurality and the richness of the industrialists of construction products and materials.


Structured around 9 sector committees to optimize flows and costs

EPR Building has determined the scope of the products concerned. Valobat has organized itself in order to group these products under 9 categories, called sector committees. A sector committee includes products or materials that have the same logic of marketing and/or waste management organization. These 9 product sectors are represented in Valobat's board of directors.

  • The construction metals : cladding, cladding and metal framework, piping, sandwich panels, gates...
  • The equipment metals : hardware, valves, cables...
  • The wood parquet, framework, panels, cladding...
  • The joinery, glass walls and related products
  • The plasters and mortars
  • The floor coverings PVC, textile-based, non-woven or geotextiles
  • The inert materials : terracotta, raw earth, cement, stone, ceramic, slate, aggregates, concrete...
  • The rigid plastics, membranes and plastic insulation present in polypropylene or PVC pipes, EPS or XPS insulation, polyurethane resins and membranes, bitumen-based products, or in the swimming pool world...
  • The products based on mineral wools : glass wool, rock wool...

Strong governance, with a global and differentiated approach

Chaired by Hervé de Maistre, Valobat will have independent directors, members and associates, representing the different product sectors concerned by the PMCB EPR. This organization will allow to take charge of the complexity of the sector and to simplify the service to the waste holders, while keeping a global vision of the stakes of the implementation of the circularity in the building industry.

An organization that takes into account the specificities of the different materials

The Board of Directors

The Stakeholder Committee

In accordance with article L. 541-10 of the Environment Code, Valobat will create a Stakeholder Committee. This committee is composed of 4 colleges corresponding to representatives of producers, waste prevention and management operators, local authorities as well as representatives of environmental protection and consumer protection associations:

Depending on the subject, the Stakeholder Committee is consulted for advice or informed.