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The committed approach of Valobat's founding partners

A collective adventure, by and for the building industry

The Valobat company was born from an initiative carried by 48 leading companies in the manufacture of Building Products and Materials (BPM). Our will? To commit ourselves together and unite our experience and know-how to better serve the environmental transformation of the building of the building industry and become the multi-material eco-organization of the PMCB sector.

The AGEC law (relative to the fight against waste and the circular economy) provides for the establishment of a chain of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for construction waste from 2022. 

Valobat has therefore submitted a request for approval as an eco-organization to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, in order to meet the new obligations of all marketers resulting from the law and to offer them adapted and relevant solutions for the management of their products and materials at the end of their life.

A circular economy adventure, just like the building itself: global and plural

Our project of eco-organization was built in such a way that each sector of products and materials (inert materials, plasters and mortars, insulating materials, plastics, etc.), is represented by several associates all involved in this new adventure of circular economy. With this plurality, Valobat is thus representative of the totality of the manufacturers and distributors of products and materials of the building sector.

With an ambitious roadmap - to improve the recycling of building waste - Valobat will offer to construction companies a multi-material solution to take back waste collected separately in the local collection points and develop in parallel the recycling channels.