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Valobat's service offer for the wood industry

Reinforcing the virtue of an exemplary sector

As a renewable material, requiring little energy in its production and an ecological alternative to the use of fossil fuels, wood has all the characteristics of a green industry. However, the sector is fully concerned by the new Extended Producer Responsibility for Building Products and Materials.
Discover how Valobat proposes to seize this opportunity to reinforce the circularity in your activities.


Why is EPR in the building sector aimed at the wood industry?

Wood is a material that stores carbon and whose waste (or co-products) from processing activities are now widely reused. In many ways, wood is an ecological material that can meet the environmental challenges of our time. Learn more about the wood industry

However, the new EPR PMCB, legislation that places the responsibility for managing the end-of-life of their products and materials on the marketers, will benefit the entire sector, requiring it to move towards greater circularity.

Wood waste from the building industry (from demolition or renovation, for example) represents 2.2 million tons, 41% of which will be recycled in 2020 and 36% of which will be reused for energy purposes.
Through the PMCB EPR program, Valobat hopes to achieve 45% recycling and 45% energy recovery by 2027.

A number of regulatory provisions will allow us, together, to achieve these ambitious goals.

They focus in particular on the recycling performance of products, the development of their attractiveness or the optimization of their collection.

  1. Free of charge: A holder of wood waste will have it taken back free of charge if it is sorted from the other flows when it is deposited at the drop-off points.
  2. Collection: The free-of-charge measure will contribute to facilitate the collection of wood waste and will increase the reusable deposit for recovery or recycling.
  3. Recycling: The increase in the amount of wood waste constitutes an opportunity to develop the recycling of this material so that it can be used as a secondary raw material in the manufacture of new eco-designed products.
  4. Development of reuse: Still not very popular in the building industry, reuse will be encouraged through R&D projects launched by Valobat in this priority area.
  5. Traceability: The precise traceability of wood waste flows at all stages of their production and processing will allow us to visualize the sector as a whole and to identify the sources of progress to be made in order to move it towards greater circularity.
  6. value: The visibility that EPR will provide on the recycling performance of wood and the improvement of the performance of this material in closed loops in France will contribute to increasing its value and therefore to developing its attractiveness.


Valobat, the reference eco-organization for the wood industry

A large panel of wood industry players represented in Valobat's shareholding:

In building the eco-organization, Valobat was able to count on the support and experience of major players in the wood industry within its shareholding, both in sawing activities and in the manufacture of wood products.

Indeed, out of our 40 current associates, 12 are affiliated to the wood activities, 7 of them in their main activities and 5 in their secondary activities.

Moreover, among these associates, 2 federations representing the wood industry, the Union des Industriels et Constructeurs de Bois (UICB ) and the Fédération Nationale du Bois (FNB), are members of the Board of Directors of Valobat.

Finally, a large number of Valobat's pre-members from the wood industry have also been consulted on various projects related to the definition of our service offer and the tools that will be theirs.

The missions of the partners of the wood sector in the construction of Valobat :

the list of products subject to the Extended Producer Responsibility for Construction and Building Products and Materials.
the eco-tax scales by defining a fair eco-tax for each of the products included in the scope of liability.
the declaration of small issuers on the market of construction and building products or materials by setting up a simplified declaration mechanism.
on the conditions for integrating the first eco-modulations to be published in the scale by 2024.
Obtain from public authorities a visible eco-tax to prevent any risk of inflation caused by the regulation.

Valobat: services that make a difference

Joining the future eco-organization Valobat, is the possibility to benefit from its services, its support and its expertise:


Valobat assists you in bringing your business into compliance with the regulations


Valobat meets your specific needs in terms of innovation, eco-design, R&D, etc.


Valobat provides you with information and awareness tools for your internal and external communication.


Valobat takes back your products at the end of their life free of charge.

Our ambition for the wood industry

Make the wood sector more circular by activating several levers:

  • By defining a collection organization adapted to each channel (public and professional waste collection centers, craftsmen and construction sites) via calls for projects to develop the missing tools.
  • Accelerating the development of recycling at the 120 existing wood material preparation centers through R&D (particularly around the issues of specific dismantling and the treatment of hazardous substances).
  • Encouraging factories to use recycled raw materials in the manufacture of their new products.
  • By structuring the network points on the territory (every 10km) through calls for projects.

Wood waste recovery: our support methods

From 2023, sorted wood waste will be taken back free of charge. Discover the financial and operational support provided by Valobat.

The Financial Approach

  • Collection: Valobat proposes standard agreements and financing scales for certain operations such as collection on building sites. The eco-organization thus provides funding to operators involved in collection on construction sites.

The Operational Approach

  • Transport, sorting, preparation and recycling: Valobat conducts calls for tenders to select service providers who will have to meet a certain number of conditions in order to support the eco-organization in these activities. 
  • The collection: Valobat intervenes in an operational way on the removal of the waste on the fixed points of resumption (permanent). The eco-organization will have on the contrary a financial approach concerning the removal of the waste of building sites, by nature ephemeral.

Valobat's commitments to the wood industry

With a shareholding that is representative of the wood industry and the expertise of our employees in the building industry, waste management and eco-organizations, Valobat's ambition is to lead the entire profession towards greater circularity through the implementation of EPR in the building industry.

To do this, the eco-organization can rely on 4 commitments made in the conduct of its activities

  • To ensure that the EPR in the building sector is adapted to the challenges and constraints of the building sector.
  • A good understanding of the businesses that enable the eco-organization to focus on innovation and R&D projects with high added value: it is not simply a question of better waste treatment, but also of ensuring that the buildings constructed today and tomorrow are designed in such a way as to be easily reusable, reusable and recyclable.
  • Ensure that EPR is not perceived as an administrative burden by setting up systems adapted to all types of actors (implementation companies, distributors, manufacturers, project owners and contractors)
  • To ensure that the products designed and manufactured are more environmentally friendly and therefore more attractive.
  • Make this new obligation an opportunity to enhance your environmental commitment.
  • Opening of a hotline specifically dedicated to the wood industry.

Relive our Webinar dedicated to the wood industry

Hervé de Maistre, CEO of Valobat and Sébastien Flichy, Director of Operations, present Valobat's ambitions for the wood industry

Joining the Valobat eco-organization means choosing :

The multi-material solution
Administrative simplicity
one contract for all your obligations
Full compliance at the best cost
An expertise of the outlets and recycling channels in the building industry
An open and representative governance of all building materials
High value-added services
Support throughout the life cycle of your products
A partner who is close to your needs, over the long term

How to join the Valobat eco-organization?

The Valobat membership process is quick and entirely paperless. It has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to implement your circularity approach. In just a few clicks, join thousands of actors who, like you, wish to contribute to accelerate the circular economy in the building industry. Many marketers have already joined us! Why not join us?